Storage units before and after the move

How Much Does It Cost To Store Furniture With A Moving Company

On Average $50 – $250 per month depending on the needed square footage to store your items

When you decide to move to a new home there may be a delay. It is common for some to spend time planning where your sofa, coffee table or bedroom furniture may need to go.

Other in some cases you need to wait for the new dining room table to the perfect coffee table for the living room before you fully move to your new home. For some, this means you need to place items in storage.

How much depends on your needs and type of storage. There are different types to consider and often moving companies offer multiple options such as storage units or pods.

It’s important to ask questions because storing your cherished belongings is a balancing act. You want your furniture to be safe and secure. Plus, you have other expenses to consider. So, you many not want to spend a lot.

It’s possible you will store your furniture for a month or even a year, you want everything protected so when you return. Below are a few additional options

Home Storage

If you have a friend or family member with an empty location in their garage or basement, you might want to consider this opiton.

However, there are issues to consider. Most garages and basements aren’t climate-controlled, and extreme temperatures and moisture are the enemy of good furniture wood, metal, and glue – You didn’t think of that? Also, although rare, there could even be flood or fire damage.

If you decide on this temporary solution, make sure your furniture is clean and dry and cover it with blankets before storing it in a basement or garage.

Shed – fixed or portable

A short term solution for a remodel or move is a portable shed. This option can be inexpensive, however, the cheapest options don’t have floors. In such a case, consider using wood pallets or plastic floor covering. Wrap furniture well to protect it from the outside elements which may come through.

Self Storage Services

Prices vary greatly on self-storage units, so do your research ahead of time.

Below are a few helpful ideas:

  • Ask friends where they have stored there belongings
  • Consider farther from the center of town, which is where the cheaper storage units tend to be found.
  • Think about climate-controlled units. They are preferable if you are storing any wood furniture. However, these do cost a little more each month.
  • Consider the security of the location. Is there are security fence?

Consider all your options. Obviously, if you trust your moving company, you should be able to trust them with the storage of your furniture.