Lamps For Your Coffee Table

Lamps on a coffee table are not common. This is because they can be knocked over easily when used in a common or active family room. However, in some cases, it’s nice to have a lamp on a decorative coffee table.

You may not realize how many options are available for your coffee table. Most lamps suitable for a coffee table are shorter 4 – 12 inches with lower wattage. Check out the gallery of examples for ideas for your coffee table. The lamps on display below are a good inspiration starting point of discovery to persue the style of coffee table light which works best for your taste. Most of the lamps were found online through Lamps Plus, Wayfair and Target. Each site has an extensive collection of options.

Mini Table Lamps accent the lighting in your room and come in many shapes and sizes. If you wish to add a charming touch and a subtle light to your coffee table, consider a mini lamp.  A mini lamp is a miniature version of standard-sized table lamps. They are often whimsical, they’re ideal for a coffee table. 

You may wish to consider a small artistic lamp. It’s possible to find lamps created by local artists at art fairs which run all summer long. A Torchiere lamp is often a good option for a coffee table. You may want to consider a round lamp such as the Canonbury 8 inch table lamp. lamps such as this are harder to tip over while they offer a nice light to the surrounding area. You may wish to consider the trendy salt lamp for illumination.

LED Table Lamps

LED lamps have become more popular over the years. LED (Light Emitting Diode). LEDs began in the nineteen sixties components for use in electronic components, such as handheld calculators and other similar electronic devices. Over time with research and development, LED technology has advanced. It has become more efficient and much less expensive. LEDs are now used for a number of lighting applications and are available across the spectrum of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light. 12V LED lights, for example, are inexpensive and are often used as a home or office light source. LED lights last longer, are more durable, and safer than traditional incandescent light sources.

It’s common to find adorable small battery operated with LED lights in various themes such as animal shapes and abstract creations. They are also excellent gifts. You can use them as nightlights placed on your coffee table too.

Some LED lights have multiple features. For example, there are unique desk style lamps which feature a built-in USB ports and charging stations. This can be a useful feature for a high traffic family or T.V. room. Environmentally friendly, no flicked LED technology can provide natural color light.

Artistic And Creative  Table Lamp Options

Small artistic lamps offer welcoming glow.  It’s an excellent way to add lighting to your room in a convenient location. You may need a little extra light while you read or work on your sofa. Small lamps provide you with just the right amount of light to help you achieve any task without being too powerful.

Paper moon or egg moon lamps can offer a bit of Asian flair to your coffee table or room. Some lamps are handmade in Asian such as Japan.  These rice paper table lights speak softly with warm diffused light. The simplicity of the lamp structure is characterized by a continuous wire a spiral bamboo filament and rice paper. It is common to display multiple lamps of varying sizes on a coffee table for decoration.

Consider buffet lamps. Some look like a group (often three) candlesticks.

Some lamps have themes such as the cube led table lamp is inspired by a bamboo.

The wood-imitation part is likened to the creature and the light is likened to the sunshine. An asymmetrical frame, representing a nature showcase, is capturing the beauty of nature. Built on gear dimmer allows users to adjust the brightness and create a play of light.

An antique lantern, this charming table lamp option.  Cage-inspired shades and a bronze finish is common. Set on your coffee table beside a stack of vintage art books to complete the look.

Sports themes are the ticket for the man cave. Baseball, soccer, basketball style lamps are easy to find. Typically, they are made from ceramic. They establish a sporty aesthetic in your sports inspired room.

When you bring new light into your room it gives any space a warmed-up look. Small lamps for your coffee table serves as a stylish accessory for both a functional and decorative purpose.